Forensic Science / Crime Labs

forensic-1If your specialty calls for images, PAX-it can help you! PAX-it will archive the images in case management folders along with other relevant materials — reports, presentations, data—in a secure and searchable image database that is easy to navigate and share.

Whether your images are from hand-held digital cameras used in Crime Scene Investigations or other field work, lab cameras on macrostands, stereozoom scopes, optical microscopes, polarized light microscopes,  SEM, or document scanners, all can be captured, downloaded or imported directly into a PAX-it’s secure, managed database for images.

Reports, presentations, and other files may be included in these PAX-it case folders, for total project management.

PAX-it’s network site license allows shared–or separate–databases for Trace Evidence, Firearms & Toolmarks, Documents, Drug Analysis, DNA lab, Serology, Coroner’s/Medical Examiner’s office,  and other departmental needs.

Some PAX-it features include:

  • Prefill of database information per case, as images are brought in
  • Auto-sorting of images into case folders by case number, or other designated sort function
  • Image annotation tools, as overlays, to point out features in reports or presentations
  • Image blending tools for comparisons and alignment of markers
  • Side-by-side construction of plates for reports or presentations
  • Overlays of images, grids, markers, etc on images
  • Easy report preparation with one click, into report layouts that you create and/or customize.  Report generation to MS-Word or MS-Excel.
  • Easy presentations and sharing, via one click operation to take images –with or without annotation layers– to PowerPoint or to email
  • Extended Security module locks down all images and allows authentication of images, lab reports, and data as unaltered.
  • Network Site Licensing for powerful, immediate sharing of assets

Additional PAX-it tools:

  • QuickSolve conversion utility to bring legacy databases into current PAX-it format
  • PAXcam cameras for high resolution imaging from microscopes and macrostands
  • Calibrated measurements from forensic images: linear, area, angle, arc, and more.
  • Image analysis software for auto detection of objects, counting, sizing, area fractions, etc. Easy to use reporting function includes report generation in MS-Excel for application of formulas, graphing of data, conditional formatting, and more.

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