PAX-it Introduction

PAX-it! Image Management and Image Analysis software is a powerful, comprehensive solution developed to address your special imaging needs.

What would you like to accomplish with your images?

PAX-it is the answer to those needs.  It is the perfect tool for managing all of your digital images and files!
Rather than trying to organize thousands of files in Windows folders with elaborate naming schemes, you can use PAX-it’s user-friendly, fully-integrated digital database structure to archive, search, process, measure and analyze, all within one application.  There is no need to copy, paste, open multiple applications, or import.  PAX-it streamlines the process and improves your workflow dramatically, leading to increased productivity, better collaboration, reduced opportunity for human error, while producing the exact results you desire.

PAX-it software is also an integral part of the PAXcam USB2 Digital Microscope Camera system, used on microscopes and macrostands.  PAXcam high-resolution images are captured directly into the PAX-it
database with the click of a button.  PAXcam and PAX-it are used in most Fortune 1000 organizations, in applications such as:

PAX-it is a modular software solution that offers you the features that you need today, and the ability to add functionality as your needs grow and change tomorrow.


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