PAX-it! Extended Security

Meeting 21 CFR Part 11 requirements has never been easier with the PAX-it! Extended Security Module!

Does your lab need better security for your digital assets?
Are you looking for more hassle free compliance with 21 CFR Part 11?
Features Include
Administrative tools including unique logins and user permissions

Electronic records and signatures to keep your assets secure, complete with authentication tools and alerts

Detailed audit trails that track all digital manipulations, and provide a searchable report of all changes

For over 20 years the intuitive PAX-it framework has provided image analysis and management tools which allow you to measure and annotate images, create custom reports, and store digital assets in a secure database. Now we have added additional layers of protection to ensure you meet the high security standards set by the FDA.

In addition to our robust platform, we are happy to offer on-site demonstrations and training, and technical support from our US based offices in Chicago, IL. PAX-it has been crafting custom solutions for Fortune 500 companies in nearly every industry for the past 20 years. Click below to contact us, and let us show you how PAX-it can meet all your digital asset security needs.

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PAX-it Extended Security
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