Live Measurement

PAX-it! Live Measurement Module for Video Inspection


The Live Measurement Module is an add-on for PAXcam digital microscope cameras.  All functions
of the PAX-it Measurement Module are available for use on the live preview screen of the PAXcam, without the need to capture an image for measurement.

Measurement names, line sequences, tolerance specs, and reporting functions are all present in the Live Measurement interface, similar to the Basic Measurement Module.

Measurements offered in PAX-it’s Live Measurement Module include:

  • Lines & Segmented Lines
  • Ellipses & Circles
  • Rectangles
  • Polygons
  • Angles
  • Arcs
  • Parallel Line Calipers

Scale bars may be placed on your live preview image.  In addition, scaled lines, boxes, grids, and other scaled overlays may be created for Go-NoGo determinations in live mode.

A displayed measurement table is available to view a summary of the live measurements as they are created, including a Tolerance Spec readout to indicate whether individual measurements are within specifications. Perfect for live inspection!

Once data has been gathered, it may be quickly transferred to Microsoft Excel® with a click of a button.  PAX-it’s Report Generator allows you to define your own report templates to format the data in a summary form, including raw data, stats, and graphs.


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