Motorized Microscope Stage Software

Use the PAX-it Motorized Stage and its Software to:

  • Reproducibly return to exact positions on your samples
  • Upgrade to an Automated Microscope workstation, including controls for sample movement, focus, objective changes, illuminator changes, and more
  • Integrated with scripting controls to control a PAXcam camera, and a motorized stage, for an automated image capture and analysis sequence
  • Measure items that will not fit within one field of view microscope or camera, by using precise stage movements
  • Tile multiple images together to produce larger overviews of your sample
  • A true multi-function tool for automated microscopy, digital imaging, measurements, image analysis and reporting.  Can replace multiple dedicated pieces of equipment, such as an optical comparator, metrology inspection station, toolmaker’s microscope, and dedicated image processing station.

digital camera on motorized microscope for automationPAXcam Digital Microscope Camera and Motorized Stage on scope

The PAX-it! Motorized Microscope Stage module (MMS) has an easy-to-use interface allowing user to mark fields of view to return to, either on a microscope or a macrostand.  The PAX-it Scripting Module is included, allowing automation of your setup to produce a hands-free solution for stage position, focus, image capture, image processing and image analysis, and reporting.

Main features of the Motorized Microscope Stage Module (MMS):

  • Limit motorized stage travel within specified XY dimensions, as a “region of interest”
  • Define and remember locations for specific fields of view
  • Set the order for stepping through fields of view within a region of interest, or simply jump to a field of view
  • Integration with PAX-it! software means calibrations are available for moving one camera field at a time, so that scans can be made of entire samples without any fields missed or overlapped
  • Motorized control of focus (Z) is available, including auto-focus routines
  • Special ’tiling’ and ‘stitching’ movements are available, to automatically create mosaics of captured images
  • Special ‘z-stack’ movements are available to automatically collect and fuse a stack of focal planes into one image
  • Images may be captured directly from the motorized stage interface into the PAX-it database, for archiving, processing, measurements or analysis, reporting, and more
Microscope Automated Stage interface with image tiling

Microscope Automated Stage interface with image tiling



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