PAXcam CONNECT Telemicroscopy / Telepathology

Consult with colleagues with live microscope views, or live views from your macro setup.  Overcomes clean room accessibility issues, physical restrictions releated to different locations. and other issues where you just can’t be there.  Share remote views with colleagues in real time, while discussing your synchronized views.   PAXcam CONNECT is a cost-effective solution for telepathology and other telemicroscopy applications.

There is now no need to send samples overnight to another location by courier service, or to spend time gowning up for the clean room or waiting for a procedure to finish.   Simply join a remote CONNECT telemicroscopy session with your colleague, and you are immediately connected for a live voice and data consultation at the microscopic level!  PAXcam macrostand and gross imaging stations can take advantage of this technology as well.

The PAXcam CONNECT solution streams a high res live image over your local area network (behind your corporate firewall), or an a wide area network via the internet.

PAXcam CONNECT overcomes common drawbacks to other streaming applications:

  1. Minimized Delay between sender and client. Synchronization of sender and receiver is key to a meaningful consultation.
  2. No grainy “webcam”  style stream.   High Resolution telemicroscopy streams may be established with the PAXcam CONNECT module, in a 1024 x 768, 1280×1024, or larger window.
  3. Flexibility is essential. Any PAXcam USB2 camera may be used for streaming, including microscope cameras, macrostands, and gross imaging stations.  Compression levels, frame rates, and size of the viewed window may be optimized for your setup.
  4. Communication tools are available.  Pointers, boxes, and markers for regions may be shared and viewed by either the sender or the client.
  5. Capture and share still images.   Navigate around your sample in real time, select a region of interest to share, and send a high res still image of the view, for archiving.
  6. All of PAX-it is included.   Since CONNECT is an add-on module to the PAXcam and PAX-it systems, there is much more that can be accomplished with the system.  Capture, archive, annotate and share high resolution still images in an efficient, user-friendly workflow.
  7. No special receiver hardware.  Your clients may download a free player for viewing your CONNECT sessions, right on their standard computer desktop using standard network protocols.
  8. It is secure. Always know who is connected to your session, and since discussions are over a separate line there is no association of voice with image data.   In addition, each streaming session may be password-protected to restrict viewers.
  9. Additional modules allow for expansion. Measurements on the live camera preview may be shared via the PAXcam’s Live Measurement Module, and PAX-it’s Network Site License allows whole collections of captured images, reports, and presentations to be shared.
  10. Upgrade your current PAXcam.   Existing PAXcam setups may be upgraded to the powerful set of CONNECT features, without the need to replace your camera hardware.


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