PAX-it Scripting is available as an add-on module to any PAX-it license, and is included as part of the PAX-it! Motorized Microscope Stage Module.

Create detailed, scripted routines to customize your workflow, and allow for “one-button” operation of complex analyses. Script controls include functions for controlling PAXcam cameras, PAX-it software, motorized stages, Z-axis movement, microscope controls, image analysis routines, and reporting.

Scripts are written in vbs or bas format, allowing for additional non-PAX-it! code to be implemented, or for the routines to be called from other applications.  Once a script is in place, it may be assigned to a toolbar button, for one-click implementation.  No need to know how to write a script in order to run a script!

Scripting allows each lab to create their own specific workflows and automated sequences of functions.

Here are some samples of simple, but powerful scripted routines:

  • Capture multiple planes of focus at defined intervals, and fuse the resulting Z-stack to form the final image.
  • Call a stored region of interest, move the automated stage about its stored fields of view, change the camera’s settings to preset stored values for each field of view, focus the sample at each field, capture an image at each field of view, and perform a defined analysis routine on each image.
  • Prompt the user to define a new region of interest, then automatically capture adjacent fields of view in the ROI, tile the results together, and QuickSave the resulting image into a PAX-it! project folder.

Create your own scripts for your particular application, specific to the needs of your lab: metallography, inspection, biology, manufacturing, research,  medicine, forensics, metrology, materials science, or quality control.  Whether your work involves measurement, image processing, automated image analysis, automated inspection, or just needs repeatable placement of samples for documentation… the entire process can be simplified through scripting.


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