Microscopes & Imaging Hardware

For those labs desiring integrated systems that include cameras and optical systems such as microscopes or lensing, please visit our PAXcam website.   PAXcam cameras for microscopy and macrostand applications are easily integrated into full laboratory solutions for documentation, analysis, reporting, automated microscopy workstations, and more.

PAX-it software is the key to this integration, as PAX-it software modules not only manage the images that are produced, but also can be used to drive the hardware, control the cameras, and otherwise provide the necessary controls to manage the hardware/software interaction.  Thus the entire imaging workflow can be managed by the one centralized PAX-it software component.


In addition to standard hardware and software packages, our team is experienced with systems integration for meeting the demanding needs of specialty lab projects. This may include customized optics at the front-end for the camera system, specialty lighting, staging, controls, and more. Many clients take advantage of our ability to provide the total package of hardware and software, and we will be happy to discuss your particular requirements to provide the perfect integrated system to meet your needs.

Visit the PAXcam website for a comprehensive listing of imaging hardware, including lensing, lighting, staging, and PAXcam cameras for your lab’s needs.

Click here to visit PAXcam.com


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