Features Of The PAXcam Microscope Camera Family

PAXcam USB Microscope Camera

PAXcam is a feature-rich, high-resolution digital microscope camera.  Blend its easy-to-use software, stunning hi-res image acquisition, unrivaled image database software with an attractive price and you will agree that PAXcam is a must-have for microscopic imaging applications.

PAXcam microscope camera mounted to microscope

  • PAXcam is a fully integrated solution with a digital microscope camera and PAX-it, the top bundled microscopic imaging software for managing your imaging workflow.
  • PAXcam utilizes standard USB 2.0 and USB3 interfaces. This results in high frame rate, smooth, live color preview display.
  • PAXcam is excellent for microscopy, be it brightfield, polarized light, reflected or transmitted light, Nomarski DIC or macro imaging applications.
  • Standard C-Mount means that connecting to any metallograph, microscope, or stereozoom microscope is simple. Macro lens setups are also supported!
  • Superior color rendition with simple automatic and manual white balance controls.
  • PAXcam leads the industry with the unique capability to create unique customizable image overlays and video text overlays, for measurement, reference, alignment, GO/No-GO decisions, or comparison to a live preview image.
  • Automatic exposure & Auto White Balance functions, along with storage of user presets for improved workflow.
  • PAXcam captures high resolution images or AVI full-motion video files, which can all be collected and databased PAX-it’s easy-to-use software.
  • Multiple models available.  Select from the PAXcam family of microscope cameras.

Additional PAXcam features:

  • Unique easy-to-use interface sets PAXcam apart.
  • True plug-and-play camera allows installation in minutes!
  • Micron/Scale bar on live and captured images.
  • Computers that come with USB 2.0 require no additional hardware. No pulling the computer apart to install tricky CameraLink or firewire cards.
  • PAXcam supports Time-lapse image capture and AVI video clip capture.
  • Single cable provides the connection for power, control and data transfer.
  • Use multiple USB 2.0 ports or hubs for multiple cameras into one computer- all easily controlled and switchable from within the PAXcam software.
  • PAXcam connects to almost every microscope with a standard digital camera microscope coupler.
  • Adjustable region of interest means smaller file sizes when capturing digital images!

PAX-it Image Management System (included)

PAXcam Microscope Camera and PAX-it Image SoftwareEach full-bundle of PAXcam includes the world’s #1 imaging software, PAX-it. Since 1993 thousands of organizations have used PAX-it to capture, database, measure, analyze, annotate and share their images.   Contact us for a live demo and see for yourself why PAX-it has been leading the imaging industry for over 25 years!






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