Will PAX-it! run on my computer?

Any modern PC running Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit) will run PAX-it!. Though PAX-it! can operate on less, we recommend at least 4GB RAM, a dual-core processor and 500 GB hard drive to store the high-resolution images and other files being managed. Customers using PAX-it!’s more process-intensive features (Image Fusion, Image Stitching, Particles Analysis, Report Generation*, etc.) will benefit from higher-speed, multi-core processors and more RAM. A high-resolution monitor is also recommended. Customers using PAXcam will need USB2 or USB3 ports (or both) to match the respective PAXcam models they purchase with PAX-it!.
*The PAX-it! Report Generator requires Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® to create reports.

How is licensing accomplished?

Licensing is typically per computer workstation that is acquirinig images from a PAXcam camera or other source.   The software to drive the PAXcam or other imaging device is loaded onto the computer, and then registered with MIS.  Network (non-acquisition) licenses can be installed on individual computers to share images on the network in a common database.  For quantities of five or more network licenses, the database can also be installed in a “floating configuration”, sharing licenses on a concurrent-user basis.  This means, for example, a ten-user license may serve 500 people on a network, as long as only ten are accessing the PAX-it image database at one time.

Why is there a registration process for using the PAXcam or PAX-it software?

By registereing the PAX-it software to drive your PAXcam camera and collect images, the appropriate software modules may be turned on or off depending on the level of license that was purchased.  For example one customer may be registered for a PAXcam with PAX-it image database tools, while another PAXcam customer may be registered for the image database, image measurements, image analysis, and CONNECT live streaming.   In addition, the registration process allows MIS to enter our customers into our database for future reference.  This helps with tech support, new product updates, and communication in general between you as a customer, and MIS as your supplier and support.   MIS registration via software key bypasses the need for a physical “dongle” that may be misplaced or damaged.

Do I own the software?

After purchase and registration, you own the PAXcam and software that is licensed to you.  You may continue to use it at its current version and on the current computer operating system for as long as you wish–there is no annual licensing fee.  In addition, software updates (new versions) are yours for the first year after purchase.   As an optional program, additional updates (beyond the first year) are also available for a small fee, allowing you to continue to take advantage of new features as they are released, including the upgrade to support for new Windows operating systems when they are released.

How often do I need to calibrate my PAX-it! Measurement / Analysis tools?

Calibration cycles are often a function of a company’s metrology, gaging, or instrument service operations.  While recalibration is not required because of PAX-it, it is a recommended “best practice” for many organizations as part of their standard operating procedures.   Sometimes calibration is done on a yearly basis, depending on the environment, but others recalibrate biannually or quarterly.  Although there is little to change on a digital calibration with an instrument sitting in a temperature-controlled room, our recommendation for running a re-calibration would be once per year.

Where do I go for support or training?

If you purchased your system through one of our dealer channels, please contact your dealer as a first line of support.   In addition, PAXcam and PAX-it are also directly supported by MIS through a searchable online knowledge base, telephone support, online chat, and email.   Please see our Support page for more information.

Is there a PAXcam or PAX-it dealer in my area?

PAXcam and PAX-it are represented by qualified dealers in specific markets across the USA and around the world.   In the case of a market or locale that is not represented by a dealer, MIS may sell directly to end users.  Please contact MIS for a dealer referral.

Why are prices not published?

The PAX-it software is very modular, comprised of various choices for cameras, a variety of coupler options, and several modules of software that are available for particular applications.  In addition, some labs require optical components, staging or fixturing for their specific systems needs.   Because each application is unique, the pricing for systems can vary, depending on the components.   Please contact MIS to discuss your particular needs and we can supply a quotation for you quickly.

How can I get a quote?

Please email a short, detailed description of your lab’s imaging needs to sales@paxit.com, or visit our Request Information page for a response by phone or email.

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