Custom Programming

custom programming flow cAs part of our commitment to excellence in lab imaging, MIS offers custom software development services to our clients. Many laboratories use our software development skills to implement specific customizations of imaging features or workflow, to meet special user needs.  We can also take client specifications to create new programs from the ground up as a software solution to a lab’s imaging, analysis, or communication needs.

If your laboratory has a need for software or systems integration of hardware and software that is not satisfied by an off-the-shelf product, we can build it for you! In some cases this might mean a slight alteration or addition to our comprehensive PAX-it software features, and in other cases it might mean building a whole new application from scratch, including custom hardware, integrated off-the-shelf products, and custom programming for controlling the system. In any case we just need a specification of the desired goal, and we will be glad to quote a competitively priced package that includes a detailed proposal for your approval, the code-writing itself, and testing.

Below is a partial listing of some software projects that have been custom contracted through MIS, Inc:

Leica Microsystems Development of private label educational software through custom modification of the PAX-it Teaching Module.
Allied Signal Specialized Image Analysis routine to detect specialty objects in images, and filter the detected objects based on shape and size.
Solec Routine designed to automatically detect the number of wafers in a stack for production QC.
Glaxo SmithKline Creation of software bridge between PAX-it and a non-standard LIMS, to allow sharing of data between systems.
Chrysler Corporation Creation of a specific workflow and reference library for paint applications, including real-time remote microscopy for consulting in all Chrysler plants.
A major US tire manufacturer
(name withheld per contract)
Creation of a specific sequence of measurements and reporting to analyze and report dozens of tire features, linked to a central reporting application. Also includes automatic tread ratio detection. Installed globally in multiple production facilities.
The Pampered Chef Complete custom program designed to input and balance orders and transmit them to the home office. Software is distributed to nearly 100,000 users.
ST Micro Customization of PAX-it for networked wafer inspection facility. Developed a customized workflow to improve reader performance.
Seagate Creation of device drivers and scripted routines for motorized stage control and image archival functions.
Merck Research Labs Creation of scripted routines to perform multiple tasks with one button click, to streamline workflow according to specs.
Wil Research Creation of specialized image importing routines.
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Design of imaging workstations for tele-dermatology applications, including custom workflow for navigating through cases and entering diagnoses through online data forms. Comparison of multiple reader data for consensus and the resolution of differences, and design of data transfer routine to remote central location.
Lake West Hospital Customization of PAX-it for specialized image exporting routines.
Ameripath Customized workflow to make capturing, diagnosing, and reporting with images easier for pathologists.
CRG Specialized importing routine to convert data from a defunct image management system into the PAX-it format.