Our Clients

The Fortune 1000 companies shown here are just a few of the many that rely on PAX-it. PAX-it has been a foundational product in microscopy labs for over twenty-five years. More images have been viewed, captured, measured, analyzed, shared and printed with PAX-it than any other product. MIS has consistently provided new product innovations to the imaging industry through the years.
Today, PAX-it offers even greater value to the customers we support. Our expanded product line offers your lab capabilities found in no other product. So whether your application is industrial, such as metallurgy, microelectronics, failure analysis, gemology, law enforcement & forensics, or in the life sciences such as pathology, pharmaceutical research, education or telemedicine, PAX-it is a solution worth investing in.
In addition, PAX-it works seamlessly with your existing equipment. Thousands of  PAX-it systems are installed worldwide on Huvitz, Prior, Meiji, Leica, Olympus, Zeiss and Nikon microscopes. These  PAX-it systems work beautifully with cameras from manufacturers such as PAXcam, Sony, Hitachi, JVC, Panasonic and others. No matter what microscope you use, whether you have an existing camera or not,  PAX-it is the glue that brings the system together and makes it work for you!
Let us show you how we can help to provide a quality foundation for your laboratory imaging activities.
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