Image Database Software

PAXcam is integrated with PAX-it!, the industry-leading imaging software since 1993, and is used by thousands of organizations to capture, database, annotate and share their images.

PAX-it’s flexibility makes it the right choice for working with images in a variety of markets and user applications!

  • PAX-it Imaging Software CD & CoverFile & retrieve images in a browsable, easy-to-use cabinet/folder structure
  • Images and other files are also in a powerful, searchable database that you design!
  • Store images, video clips, reports, presentations and more
  • Image processing functions for stitching, fusing focal planes, high dynamic range, creating video clips, and more
  • Annotate images with circles, arrows, text
  • Add written notes & dictated messages to images
  • Construct plates of side-by-side images
  • Share your images with colleagues
  • Easy report generation with our quick-links to MS Word™ and MS-Excel™
  • Construct presentations easiliy with our quick-link to MS PowerPoint™
  • Quick-link to MS Outlook™ for sending images, notes, & data as attachments
  • Easy image upload to your internet site via our quick-link for FTP
  • Export images in a variety of standard file formats
  • Use the optional PAX-it site license to share entire collections within your corporate structure


  • Additional PAX-it software modules for measurements, image analysis, CD/DVD archiving, telemicroscopy, network sharing, motorized stages

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