Macrostand System

PAXcam Imaging Station

The PAXcam™ Macrostand imaging station is a fully integrated macro workstation that includes a PAXcam, boom arm stand, lighting, and zoom lens for variable magnifications. Combined with the full power of the PAX-it! image database software and image analysis software, the PAXcam macrostand is a powerful package for capturing and working with images.

Long working distance lens means the digital camera assembly is away from the specimens so it doesn’t get in the way when samples are handled.

  • Many zoom ranges are possible, depending on where the system is locked. For example, PAXcam copystand can be set to zoom from a 8.5″ x 11″ field of view to 1.75″ x 2″ at 27″ working distance.  Or, for extremely magnified views it can be set to zoom from 0.4 x 0.5″ field of view to 2 x 2.75″ at 8 inches working distance. Optional wide angle zoom lens is also available, for larger fields of view. The user can choose the working distance and zoom range combination that works best for their application.
  • Combine with the motorized stage module for an automated macro or micro imaging station—perfect for product inspection, quality control, metrology and other repetitive viewing applications.
  • Optional configuration is available utilizing a PAXcam-equipped stereozoom microscope on the stand, for digital images of microscopic fields of view, measurements on inspected parts, and more.
  • Unlike a normal copystand, the macro station is on a retractable arm so it can be pushed back out of the way when not in use.  Convenient and effective for quality control work, inspection labs, or other high throughput labs.
  • While zooming through the zoom range of the macrostand, there is no need to readjust the lighting.

Even more measurement and analysis tools are available in the PAX-it Image Analysis Module

  • Unlike a normal copystand, the lighting is cold light, and is mounted with the camera, not on bulky side arms.
  • While zooming from the tightest to the widest fields of view, there is no need to re-focus.
  • Lighting can be straight down on sample for even, shadow-free illumination, or may be angled from the side to cast shadows for specimens with relief features.   Optional lighting configurations are available, including light bars, LED lighting, ringlights, and more.
  • PAX-it Quicksave function allows macro images to automatically be put into folders by project title (or lab record number, or other user-defined database field entry). When micro shots are taken, they automatically find that same folder based on the project title, and are placed there.
  • Optional accessories include a large additional shelf for mounting a laptop computer and a footswitch for controlling camera exposure and image capture.
  • Compatible with all PAXcam Microscopic Camera products.

[PAX-it] is the best system out in the Metallurgy and Materials Science world I ever used. I had to use another system made overseas when I was at my old company and never liked it. ...All diehard metallurgists like PAX-it!

- Fortune 500 Customer

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