Image Database Software by PAX-it!

Image Database SoftwareAt the core of PAX-it is the image collection, with its easy-to-use filing system.  Images and other assets filed in a PAX-it collection are housed in browsable folders, and also in a powerful, searchable database.

Tag your images with key words for easy search and retrieval–from any project folder!  Pull out all images that relate to a certain topic, were handled a certain way, were produced on certain dates, or any other specific (or general) search criteria that you wish to apply.   All  images, reports, presentations, and other files that match the search criteria are displayed for you in a table that is easily sorted.

The PAX-it database is a powerful framework for organizing — and finding– your valuable project data & images.

Specific Feature of our Photo Database Software:

The Database is not limited to images! Other file types may be placed in the PAX-it collection and pulled up by database search criteria

  • Customizable by the user for their specific application
  • Unlimited number of user definable fields
  • User definable drop down lists for selection of data to be entered into fields
  • Drop down lists may be linked to each other for added flexibility
  • Multiple database layouts are supported, for different PAXit collections
  • Flexible layout construction, including the saving and restoring of database layouts
  • Search in QuickSearch mode from the toolbar, or using Simple or Advanced Search modes using data present in fields, by file attributes, or by filing criteria
  • Industry standard ODBC compliant structure
  • Supports Oracle, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access databases



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