PAXcam Motorized Stage

Motorized Stages

  • Would you like a more reproducible method for exact positioning of your specimen?
  • Would you like to upgrade your current equipment to a workstation for automated microscopy?
  • Can your lab benefit from loading a sample and walking away, while the motorized stage moves and focuses the specimen, capturing images for automated image analysis or reporting?
  • Do you need to measure items that will not fit within one field of view of your digital microscope camera?
  • Can your inspection process or reports benefit from large overviews of your microscopic or macro samples, taken at high resolution?
  • Can your lab make use of a multi-function tool for automated microscopy, digital imaging, measurements, image analysis and reporting– rather than multiple dedicated pieces of equipment such as an optical comparator, metrology inspection station, toolmaker’s microscope, or dedicated image processing station?

Automated Microscopy

The PAX-it! Motorized Microscope Stage module is designed to fulfill all of these needs and more.  Its easy-to-use interface allows the definition of fields of view that can be remembered and easily revisited, in an automated microscopy or automated macrostand sequence. The XY stage position, the microscope’s focus mechanism, the PAXcam imaging hardware, and the PAX-it! image processing and image analysis software can all be automated for truly hands-free operation with the PAX-it! Scripting Module that comes with the automated microscopy package.

Main features of the Motorized Stage Module

  • Automated MicroscopyRegions of interest can be defined by the user to limit motorized stage travel within specified XY dimensions.
  • Fields of view within a region of interest can be defined by the user to designate particular points for the motorized stage to remember.
  • Users can order the fields of view within a region of interest, and move through them quickly in sequence, or jump to them by name.
  • PAX-it! calibrations can be used to move exactly one field of view at a time, so that scans can be made of entire samples without any fields missed or overlapped.
  • Z axis motorized control can be used from within the interface, to focus samples in either manually driven or auto-focus modes.
  • Special ‘stitching’ movement available, to automatically overlap adjacent fields for stitching the mosaic of images.
  • Images can be captured from the PAXcam interface for archiving in the PAX-it! database, for measurements, for processing (to create stitched views, tiled views, avi clips, fused Z-stacks), or for automated image analysis.
  • Compatible with all PAXcam cameras for microscopes

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