Network Site License

Networking your organization with PAX-it software allows users from multiple workstations, departments, or facilities to share common collections of images, reports, and other assets. Images and reports stored to the PAX-it network are immediately available for viewing at other workstations.

For example, as shown in the illustration, a lab may have multiple workstations set up, all capturing images.  A gross (or macrostand) workstation captures the large view of the sample, which is then sectioned, mounted, and passed to the microscopist.  By using PAX-it’s auto-sorting Quicksave routine tagged to the sample number or case number, images from the microscope are placed into the same project folders as the original specimens.   And, since the collection of sample images is on a shared area of the corporate fileserver, all users have access to the entire collection that is being created from the multiple stations.

The PAX-it Network Site License may also be used to allow non-capture stations to perform PAX-it functions.   For example, a single workstation may be set up for image capture, to process all samples coming through the lab. Once images are captured to the server, users can then work with the images from their own desks, without tying up the imaging platform for additional image processing, measurements, and reporting.

Let PAX-it be your easy solution for image sharing and image archiving, across your entire department or organization!




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