Overview of PAX-it Software Modules

PAX-it! Imaging Software

Easily manage your images and other digital assets in an organized collection that also resides in a searchable database.  Annotate your images with overlays, and use them to communicate with others in presentations, reports, email, and more.  Easy to use image processing tools include image stitching, image fusion, image blending, and more.

Basic Measurement:
Calibrate and measure on your images, with tools for line measurements, areas, ellipses and circles, angles, calipers, point counting, and more!  Results are displayed on the image, in a summary table, and exportable to user-defined report templates.  For PAXcam digital camera users, there is an option to place measurements on the live camera preview, without the need for image capture.
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Image Analysis:
Use thresholding tools to auto-detect objects, layers, optical profiles, or area fractions, by density or by color.  A range of data may be reported for each found object or area, and flexible report templates allow data presentation for a variety of needs from morphometry to metallography.  Saved routines may be stored and re-used at the click of a button.
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Network Site License:
Share your image collection with colleagues by running PAX-it software as a site license on your network. Workstations across your department or network may all run PAX-it functions including measurement, analysis, reporting, and image processing routines, with access to a common archive.
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PAXcam CONNECT Live Streaming Software:
Share live views with your clients or with your colleagues, with PAXcam CONNECT for remote consultations.  This powerful tool for collaboration allows sharing microscope or macrostand views in real time while discussing the findings.
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CD/DVD Creator:
Portions (or all) of your PAX-it archive may be burned to read-only media for back up, or for offline archiving to free up storage space.  Images may simply be exported to CD/DVD media for sharing, or all PAX-it! functions may be maintained (database fields, notes, measurements, and more), for reloading from the offline media.

Critical Dimension Module:
Accurately and repeatably measure microstructures by detecting edges of features with user-defined Optical Profile settings.  Routines may be stored for inner vs. outer edges, custom filtering, and more.  These tools are designed for the wafer fab and other semiconductor applications.
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Motorized Stage Module:
Outfit your microscope or macrostand with motorized functions for movement in X, Y, and Z, and drive the controls from within the PAX-it! interface.  Define repeatable regions of interest and fields of view, make measurements that extend beyond the current field of view, and script your routines to automate the image collection and analysis process.
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Scripting Module:
Create custom scripts to step through multiple PAX-it functions with the click of a button.  PAX-it! functions that may be scripted include image capture and retrieval, image analysis and reporting, and control of hardware such as PAXcam, motorized stage, and microscope functions.   With PAXcam, motorized staging and motorized microscopes, scripts may be created for automated microscopy from sample movement to focus and capture to analysis and reporting.
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Extended Security Module:
Digital assets such as images, reports, presentations, and proprietary files may be locked down according to 21CFR part 11 requirements. User account permissions may be assigned, user activity monitored and logged in audit trails, and digital signatures can be used to lock assets.   Tools for asset validation are available to verify that assets have remained unchanged from the locked or original version.
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Thermal Stage Control:
Linkam hot-stages may be controlled directly from the PAX-it interface, for definition of temperature ramps, timed setpoints, and timed image capture events for archiving, reference, and playback.
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Custom programming:
MIS, Inc. can produce software specific to your needs, by using PAX-it tools as a base, or by defining a completely new routine, analysis, workflow, or application.  If off-the-shelf software cannot meet your needs, let us build something for you!
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