Microscopes & Imaging Hardware

PAXcam microscope cameras adapt easily to a multitude of brands and styles of microscopes and macrostands, through standard C-mount couplers provided by MIS. We also work with local dealers and with suppliers to provide quality optics and microscope packages as turnkey solutions for your imaging application.

In addition to our standard PAXcam and software packages, our team is experienced with systems integration for meeting the demanding needs of specialty lab projects. This may include customized optics as the front-end for the camera system, specialty lighting, staging, controls, and more. Many clients take advantage of our ability to provide the total package of hardware and software, and we will be happy to discuss your particular requirements to provide the perfect integrated system to meet your needs.

Contact MIS for more information on putting together a system for you that can include any of the following hardware components (or contact MIS for more specialized, custom needs):

Imaging Hardware
Typical Applications

Stereozoom Microscopes

  • Inspection
  • Quality control
  • Forensics
  • Weld measurement
  • Education

Click-stops on the zoom control allow for reproducible mag settings for calibrated measurements.

Upright Compound Microscopes—Reflected light

  • Materials Science
  • Metallography
  • Semiconductor
  • Thermal Stages
  • Petrography

Including all necessary optical techniques (brightfield, darkfield, polarized light, etc)

Upright Compound Microscopes—Transmitted light

  • Pathology
  • Life Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Education

Including all necessary optical techniques (brightfield, darkfield, polarized light, phase contrast, etc)

Inverted Compound Microscopes Reflected light

Inverted Compound Microscope Reflected Light
  • Metallography
  • Materials Science
  • Paints & Coatings

Including all necessary optical techniques (brightfield, darkfield, polarized light, etc)

Inverted Compound Microscopes Transmitted light

bio inverted
  • Tissue culture
  • IVF

Including all necessary optical techniques (brightfield, darkfield, polarized light, phase contrast, etc)

Depth Cam

aero depth cam
  • Aerospace
  • Quality Control
  • Failure Analysis

Portable depth measurement system for QC or failure analysis

High Mag Lensing

high mag lensing
  • Inspection
  • Quality Control
  • Semiconductor

Microscope lens on a PAXcam, when whole microscopes are not needed. Macro zoom lenses are also available.

Macro Stands / Gross Imaging Stations

gross stand
  • Quality Control
  • Inspection
  • Pathology

High quality macro imaging with easy workflow. Fixed lens or zoom lens systems available.

Motorized Stages

  • Semiconductor
  • Inspection
  • Materials Science

Automation for inspection or analysis processes


  • Adapt cameras to microscopes

Couplers for most microscope brands and models

Micrometers & Gauge Blocks

  • Calibration standards, for measurements

Available certified and traceable to NIST


example of gross stand
  • Mounting options for microscope, lensing, and illumination assemblies

Boom stands (fixed, or with ball bearing movement or articulating arms), for scopes or macro setup; custom stands and mounts


  • Transmitted light
  • Reflected light

Fiber optic and LED illumination, including goose necks, ringlights, coaxial illuminators and light bar configurations


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