Training Options

PAXcam and PAX-it users take advantage of our easy-to-use features and become accustomed to our workflow in record time.  While standard Tech Support includes troubleshooting and review of specific features, there may be times when you need to go beyond the standard Tech Support level with additional training or help with setup. This might be to bring new staff members up to speed quickly, to learn a new analysis method as the lab’s needs change, or simply to have a ‘refresher’ session to get re-acquainted with all the features that are available.

Options for scheduling a training session include:

On line session: Remote desktop sharing is used to run the PAXcam and PAX-it software in interactive sessions over the internet, for the purpose of training.   These sessions may be conducted in a conference room with speakerphone and projector, to benefit a group.

On site visit: An MIS applications expert will travel to your site and spend a designated block of time in your lab, to work with you on your equipment.  This is especially beneficial if equipment setup is necessary, if your samples need to be used for the training session, or if face-to-face interaction is desirable.

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