Anatomic and Clinical Pathology

PAX-it is a complete, HIPAA compliant package that manages images for archiving, retrieval, teaching, tumor boards, publication, reports, remote consultation, and more.   The easy-to-use workflow is flexible to cover your needs, from basic to advanced.   Our customers enjoy a depth of features that make it easy to accomplish many imaging tasks:   Capture a quick image to a PowerPoint presentation for tumor boards, in one click.   Easily sort images upon capture, into specific project folders.  Annotate images to point out areas of interest.   Compare images side-by-side, or create sequences of images in one view.  Share images across a network, in case folders sorted by accession number.   Send images to your reporting software.  Stream live telepathology views from our PAXcam gross or micro workstations to a remote site.  

Whether your lab is small and basic image capture to reports or presentations is needed, or whether your lab is part of a multi-site network that needs to communicate with images and archive special cases, PAX-it is your solution.   Let us show you how!

pathology gross to micro image series

PAXcam stand for gross specimens and biopsies:

  • Integrated stand, cold lighting, zoom lens, camera
  • Pathology MicroscopeNo card readers—capture directly to case folders on network or PC
  • Long reach allows placement right on grossing bench
Pathology Image

Image annotations for presentations; courtesy of integrated PAX-it software!

PAXcam for Microscopes

  • Easy to use
  • Standard C-mount coupler
  • Easily associate and manage micro images with gross images


PAX-it! image database software for Pathology labs

  • Easily manage your collection of images– on your hard drive, external drive, or server
  • Capture images from micro or gross specimens into sorted case folders, or organize them in a searchable database according to your own definition
  • Retrieve images or visit case folders with PAX-it’s “Quick Search” navigational toolbar, via barcode reader or keyboard input
  • Easily send images into PowerPoint presentations, printed reports, email–with one click!
  • Annotation tools for overlays of shapes, arrows, text and more, to point out specific features—annotations are nondestructive to the original image!
  • Side-by-side tools for creating grouped or serial images in reports & presentations
  • Networkable for entire departments, including gross & micro images, anatomic, clinical, autopsy, cancer center, etc
  • Compatible with the PAXcam CONNECT system for telepathology, including cytology exams from surgical centers, frozen section assessment, remote lab consultations, and much more!



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PAXcam with PAX-it Imaging Software

Visit the PAXcam website to see the PAXcam features for microscopic or gross imaging

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