PAX-it and PAXcam Technical Support

Provided for Current Members

The Technical Support area of the PAXcam/PAX-it website contains links to software updates in the form of downloads. These files include updates to the latest version of the PAXcam or PAX-it software, updated drivers, some legacy products, and more.

On the inside jacket of your original PAX-it CD you should have a card that lists your user name and password.

Technical Support Membership 

As a registered, in-warranty user of PAX-it you are entitled to:

  • The latest software updates which allow you to keep current with the newest versions of PAX-it.
  • Our searchable knowledge base allows you to browse through our complete database of articles concerning PAX-it in a variety of search options.
  • The interactive support forums which are an excellent resource for solving PAX-it problems, requesting new features, or simply discussing PAX-it with other satisfied users.
  • All of our documentation for PAX-it and PAXcam which is available for download or online viewing.

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