Microscope Camera Overview

PAXcamX™ is a feature-rich, high-resolution digital microscope camera.  Blend its easy-to-use software, stunning hi-res image acquisition, unrivaled image database software with an attractive price and you will agree that PAXcam is a must-have for microscopic imaging applications.

PAXcamX Microscope Camera Applications

  • PAXcamX is a fully integrated solution with a digital microscope camera and PAX-it, the top bundled microscope imaging software for managing your imaging workflow.
  • PAXcamX utilizes a standard USB3 interface. This results in high frame rate, smooth, live color preview display.
  • PAXcamX is excellent for microscopy, be it brightfield, polarized light, reflected or transmitted light, Nomarski DIC or macro imaging applications. To see examples of PAXcamX image quality.
  • Standard C-Mount means that connecting to any metallograph, microscope, or stereozoom microscope is simple. Macro lens setups are also supported!
  • Superior color rendition with simple automatic and manual white balance controls.
  • PAXcamX leads the industry with the unique capability to create unique customizable image overlays and video text overlays, for measurement, reference, alignment, GO/No-GO decisions, or comparison to a live preview image.
  • Automatic exposure & Auto White Balance functions, along with storage of user presets for improved workflow.
  • PAXcamX captures high resolution images or AVI full-motion video files, which can all be collected and databased PAX-it’s easy-to-use software.
  • Multiple models available.

PAXcamX Microscope Camera Features

  • Unique easy-to-use interface.
  • True plug-and-play camera allows installation in minutes!
  • Micron/Scale bar on live and captured images.
  • Computers that come with USB3 require no additional hardware. No pulling the computer apart to install tricky CameraLink or firewire cards.
  • PAXcamX supports Time-lapse image capture and AVI video clip capture.
  • Single cable provides the connection for power, control and data transfer.
  • Use multiple USB3 ports or hubs for multiple cameras into one computer- all easily controlled and switchable from within the PAXcamX software.
  • PAXcamX connects to almost every microscope with a standard microscope coupler.
  • Adjustable region of interest means smaller file sizes when capturing digital images!

Which Microscope Camera is Right for You?

The main difference between the PAXcamX models is the resulting resolution of the captured image, and in the light levels available for imaging.

PAXcamX Series Microscope Camera Specifications

Image Sensor:Scientific grade Sony Pregius Series color CMOS
Effective pixels:2064 x 1544 (3.2 MP)2464 x 2056 (5.1 MP)4112 x 3008 (12.3 MP)
Lens mount:C-mount
Recommended C-mount Magnification:0.5x0.67x1.0x
Pixel size:3.45 µm²
Sensor diagonal:8.9mm11.1mm17.6mm
Sensor output:8/12-bit
Shutter speed range:0.01µs – 11s0.01µs – 14s0.01µs – 15s
Live preview (max frames / sec):
     Full Resolution:655535
     Half Resolution:16610070
Dynamic range:73.56 dB70.53 dB73.22 dB
Sensitivity:4.3 DN(nj/cm²)
Quantum efficiency:64% max
Image capture formats:BMP, JPG, TIF
Uncompressed file size:9.6 MB15.2 MB37.1 MB

Things to Consider with your Microscope Camera

Most captured images are used for documentation, archiving, slide show presentations, written reports, or shared via email. When considering a camera’s resolution, keep the final purpose in mind. Large image files are difficult to email and network administrators do not want large image files taking up precious server space. (For example, a 5 MP image can produce a 12 MB image file; a 20 MP image can be 60+ MB in size!) If image analysis functions are being performed, the process can be noticeably slower as images get to be larger in size. These factors mean the balance between resolution and functionality must be assessed. More resolution is not always better!

Are you wondering which Microscope Camera is right for you? Still undecided? Consult our image library for some examples of PAXcam images taken in different applications, and view the image quality available in each camera. Or contact a PAXcam representative to discuss your particular needs. Whatever your need, the PAXcam family has the right solution for you!

PAXcamX Bundle Part Numbers

PAXcam / PAX-itPAXcam / Basic MeasurePAXcam / Image AnalysisPAXcam / Basic / Live MeasurePAXcam / Image Analysis / Live Measu
PAXcamX3 (requires Windows 10)PX3-24PX3-24M1PX3-24M3PX3-24L1PX3-24L3
3.2 MP (2064 x 1544); USB3.1; 1/1.8″ Pregius IMX265
Recommend 0.5x c-mount adapter
PAXcamX5 (requires Windows 10)PX5-24PX5-24M1PX5-24M3PX5-24L1PX5-24L3
 5.1 MP (2064 x 2056); USB3.1; 2/3″ Pregius IMX264
Recommend 0.67x c-mount adapter
PAXcamX12 (requires Windows 10)PX12-24PX12-24M1PX12-24M3PX12-24L1PX12-24L3
12.3 MP (4112 x 3008); USB3.1; 1.1″ Pregius IMX304
Recommend 1.0x c-mount adapter
  • Multiple-camera systems are also available at great prices. You can install several PAXcamX Digital Microscope Cameras onto one computer. Please call for details.
  • Each c-mount camera requires a c-mount coupler to attach to the microscope (not included in the PAXcamX system, but can be added if you don’t already have one).
  • Cameras can be incorporated with other hardware such as macro stands, optical microscopes, macro zoom lenses, and more. Click here for more information on optional hardware.

PAX-it Image Management System (included)

Each full-bundle of PAXcam includes the world’s #1 imaging software, PAX-it. Since 1993 thousands of organizations have used PAX-it to capture, database, measure, analyze, annotate and share their images.   Contact us for a live demo and see for yourself why PAX-it has been leading the imaging industry for over 25 years!

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