Warranty and Licensing Agreements

Each PAX-it purchase includes Tech Support service for a full year after purchase. Tech Support for hardware and software is an MIS hallmark. We do not want to drop the system off at the door and then disappear—we would like to hear from you! Customer feedback is an important means for keeping our products relevant for specific applications.

PAX-it software modules also include free updates of new software versions during the warranty period.  Optional ‘extended warranty’ options are an inexpensive method for continuing the Tech Support and Software Update services for as long as you like!

Hardware warranty

PAXcam cameras, MIS motorized stages, couplers, stands, and other hardware items are covered by a ‘replace or repair’ warranty that includes parts and labor, for one year after purchase.

Normal wear and tear is not covered.  Operator abuse or neglect may invalidate the warranty.

Software updates

Software updates occur regularly for our products, to add new features, workflow shortcuts, and other benefits to our users.  Software updates are free of charge within the first year of purchase, and are available in an optional ‘extended warranty’ for additional years.

Tech Support

Technical Support is available for our customers free of charge within the first year of purchase, and is available in an optional ‘extended warranty’ for additional years.  Tech Support is available during business hours via phone, email, and online chat session.  In addition, in-warranty customers have access to our searchable online resources for driver updates, software downloads, and user tips.  Tech Support also includes remote desktop sharing sessions for helping with the software, or for troubleshooting.

Workstation licensing

PAX-it software is licensed by computer workstation.  Some notes regarding PAX-it software licensing:

  • Each license is registered at the time of installation, so that a hardware dongle is not required; instead, the purchased software modules are activated on your computer via the registration process.
  • Network site licenses are available for PAX-it software.  These configurations are run on a “concurrent user” basis, allowing any computer on the network to be loaded with the appropriate software modules.
  • PAX-it software is yours to own! There are no ongoing licensing fees or annual renewals in order to use the software.   Note that an optional extended warranty program is available, to continue receiving software updates if desired.

Whatever your imaging needs, we’re here to help you find the solution.

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