Image Archive Software

Where did I put that picture that was shot 6 months ago?
How can I view all the shots of a particular subject I need for my presentation?

These questions are easily answered, even after collecting thousands of images into different project folders, thanks to browsing and searching interfaces within the PAX-it Image Archive Software. Because you are in control of setting up your image collection’s organization and database, it is easy to file new items and to locate your stored items.

Image Archive General Features

PAX-it! Browsable Filing System

PAX-it Image Archive Software stores images in an electronic filing system which contain cabinets and folders; familiar items for organizing your projects.  Imaging projects can be organized by subject, technique, supplier, technician, or other method that is most logical for your application. The cabinets themselves may be further organized into groups, so that different departments or investigations can be easily segregated, and all levels of organization are titled by the user for easy browsing. When a project folder is opened, the icons or “thumbnails” are displayed for the images, reports, spreadsheets, presentations, and other items that are stored inside the folder. Clicking on the desired thumbnails and appropriate toolbar buttons allows you to easily access the display, output, processing, and management functions available in PAX-it.

PAX-it! Searchable Database

Behind the simple filing system for browsing by organized topics, each item stored in a PAX-it collection also resides in a user-defined, powerful database, allowing complex searches across all cabinets and folders!  It is easy to set up database fields to tag images with metadata, and to create dropdown lists associated with any field, if desired, for easy data entry.   Additional features in the PAX-it Image Archive allow specific fields to be used for sorting images automatically when they are saved, restrictions on data entry or specific requirements for data entry based on your preferences, and much more. PAX-it’s goal is to make your image collection searchable and sortable with easy-to-use tools to find related images!

We have added additional layers of protection to ensure you meet the high security standards set by the FDA.

Key Features of the PAX-it Image Archive:

  • Flexible setup that is customizable by the user
  • Simple cabinet / folder / thumbnail system for easy browsing, including multiple organization levels
  • Advanced tree structure for browsing, supporting nesting and drag-and-drop rearrangement of folders
  • Powerful relational database allows you to file and retrieve images quickly
  • Thumbnails help you identify your images, along with searchable database fields as descriptors
  • ”QuickSave” images immediately, with options to auto-sort by user-defined criteria
  • Store images with or without user-definable JPEG compression
  • Store images to optical, removable or network drives
  • Industry standard ODBC-compliant structure supports Oracle, SQL-Server, and MS-Access databases
  • Copy or move images or folders with just a few clicks, or via drag-and-drop
  • Create powerful slide shows right from your image database
  • Easily create reports, presentations, and email via MS-Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook
  • Store movie clips reports, presentations, or any file type in your PAX-it project folders!
  • Annotate & process images within your image collection and archive
  • Search your cabinets and folders for related images, or for particular images, based on database tags

[PAX-it] is the best system out in the Metallurgy and Materials Science world I ever used. I had to use another system made overseas when I was at my old company and never liked it. ...All diehard metallurgists like PAX-it!

- Fortune 500 Customer

PAX-it software links directly to MS-Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) to quickly and easily send images to reports, presentations, and email.

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