Image Analysis Software

The PAX-it Image Analysis Software Module includes all the features of the Basic Measurement Module, while adding an additional level of capability.  Rather than drawing measurements on an image, the image analysis tools automatically detect objects, layers, areas fractions, or optical profiles for data collection.

area detection analysis tools

PAX-it image analysis software is flexible, so that the user may define the specifics of the analysis in an understandable wizard format.  No degree in computer science is required for these easy-to-use functions!  Once analysis routines are defined, they may be saved as a stored routine, and applied to other images with the click of a button.

PAX-it! Image Analysis tools can use density, color, shape factors, and size filters to detect and sort objects or areas within your images.  Filters may be applied to  disregard objects of certain shapes or sizes, or to split the results into bins related to specific measurements.

Materials Science labs will benefit from specific routines included in the image analysis package, such as coating thickness detection, porosity analysis, nodularity analysis, ferrite-pearlite calculations, grainsizing, flake size distribution, and more.  Specify any of these analyses according to your lab’s needs, and even design your own routine for area fractions or detection of objects via thresholding, to customize your data collection and reporting.

All image measurements are displayed on-screen in an easy to read table, with summary statistics and graphs also available for display. The image analysis data may be taken directly to Microsoft Word®, or Excel® using PAX-it Report Generation.  Report templates are customizable by the user, allowing results to be displayed in a variety of ways including tables, summary stats, graphs, and more.  And by incorporating the annotated image or images into the report, including an indication on the image as to where the measurements were taken, the reader has a fuller picture of the process.

PAX-it!’s intelligent software, combined with easy-to-use wizards and re-usable saved settings, increase productivity and help eliminate user error.


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