Geology/Petrography Image Management & Analysis

PAX-it imaging tools are a great choice for petrography and light microscopy studies of mineral thin sections, core samples, and even archiving images from field studies and samples. Whether your images come from reflected light microscopes for thick sections, or transmitted light for thin sections, SEM, stereozoom microscopes, or hand-held field cameras, PAX-it software can help your workflow.

PAXcam is well suited to petrography and light microscopy studies of mineral thin sections, ore and core samples.  Using reflected light microscopy for thick sections, or transmitted light for thin sections, brightfield and polarized light microscope images can be viewed, captured, stored, and analyzed using the PAXcam and integrated PAX-it software.

Geology students and petrography professionals will benefit from reference libraries of images managed in your easily referenced PAX-it image database. Images, reports, presentations, spreadsheets of data, and other digital files related to your projects can be stored, retrieved, and easily shared with others. Images may be annotated with non-destructive overlays to help communicate information or features to others. Data collection for measurements and petrographic analysis is easily accomplished through PAX-it’s easy-to-use workflow.

Image processing tools are present in PAX-it software, allowing overlapping views to be tiled for large feature analysis. Optional image analysis tools create porosity reports yielding information on area fractions and pore size distribution. Simple measurement tools allow quantification of features such as length, area, color, and density. Easy-to-use report generation and image sharing tools, via MS-Office applications, are standard. For the lab requiring automated data collection & reporting, there are motorized and scripted routines available for unmanned operation of the imaging workstation.

PAX-it software is a comprehensive, flexible approach to your lab’s imaging requirements, and one that can grow with your lab’s needs over time.

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Petrography Images

Images taken with PAXcam cameras from various labs and samples.
NOTE:  Images have been resized downward, and compressed, in order to present them as samples on the web.  Original images are larger files and higher resolution.


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