QA/QC-Failure Analysis-Inspection

PAX-it image analysis software is your one stop solution for all QA, QC, and Failure Analysis needs. Our easy to understand workflow allows you to capture an image, measure and annotate it, and create a clear report in seconds. Additional modules allow sharing via networking, live-streaming, and automated feature detection and measurement. Whatever your testing needs, we can craft a solution for you.

Features include:

  • Easy capture of images into project folders, presorted for you by your project numbers or other method you set up.
  • Annotate images with overlays to point out features to others, using non-destructive circles, arrows, and text
  • Measure features quickly with PAX-it’s shortcut tools, with immediate summary stats
  • Create Reports, presentations, and emails with a single click
  • Share your images, data, and reports with others with export tools, or via networking features
  • Combine with the CONNECT system to share live streams with remote personnel for real-time discussion of quality issues.  Let others see what you see under the microscope as you view your sample!
  • PAX-it automated inspections systems are available for hands-off image capture, analysis, and reporting
  • Combine with the PAX-it Image Analysis module to auto-detect and measure features

QC & Inspection Images

Images taken with PAXcam cameras from various labs and samples.
NOTE:  Images have been resized downward, and compressed, in order to present them as samples on the web.  Original images are larger files and higher resolution.


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