weld2PAX-it Image Database Software enhances your ability to quickly and efficiently measure and document welding samples.   It is a powerful, easy-to-use add-on to the PAXcam camera or to your current lab imaging system that will greatly improve your workflow!   Quick and accurate measurements are efficiently collected and reported, and the sample images and reports are archived for you in a searchable collection to document results over time.

PAX-it’s Measurement Module allows you to quickly measure your welding cross-sections for fillet areas, throat, leg lengths, and penetration.   Percent Penetration is calculated for you automatically, and compared to your specs for a “Pass/Fail” determination that displays on-screen.  Quick, easy, accurate, and repeatable results, which can be sent to a report with one click of the mouse!

The PAXcam Digital Microscope Camera is a great addition to your PAX-it software package.   When integrated together, you can create overlay templates for the PAXcam live preview screen, for alignment, quick visual gauges or even measurements right on the live preview without the need to capture an image.




Features of the PAX-it weld measurement software include:welding-software-image

  • High resolution images automatically sorted by lab project upon capture
  • Easy-to-make, accurate measurements
  • Measurements may be named and labelled in a stored sequence, for repetitive tasks.  Let us show you how easily your measurements can be generated as a professional. labelled presentation or report.
  • Auto-calculation of percent penetration
  • Tagging of images with metadata for archiving, sorting, and retrieving
  • Easy, customizable report generation, including images, data, summary stats, and graphs
  • More than just line measurements!  Measure angles, areas, layers, arcs, and much more.

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