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Image Analysis Report

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Image Management Software Data Report

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PAX-it software links directly to MS-Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) to quickly and easily send images to reports, presentations, and email. This gives a flexible reporting structure beyond just viewing images, data, and notes in the PAX-it user interface.  Options are provided for simple insertion of an image into an existing document, and the production of a user-defined report template with database information, notes, data and formulas all auto-filling with one click of the mouse!

Here are some of the options available for reporting with your PAX-it images and data:

  • Quick-Print your images with database information and/or notes, using any accessible digital printer
  • Create your own reporting templates, or modify our supplied templates, to easily bring your images, image annotations, data, and notes into Microsoft Word or Excel into a layout of your design
  • Unique “Master Templates” may be constructed for multi-page, multi-style reports in MS-Word, including images, measurements, and database information
  • Powerful Excel spreadsheets are easily generated with all your PAX-it database information and notes, complete with Measurements, Image Analysis data, graphs, and summaries
  • Unique “Add to Excel” function for ongoing collection of measurement data into a report that builds over time
  • “Add to Word” and “Add to PowerPoint” features for sending images to existing documents with a single click– no more resizing or copy/paste operations
  • Save your reports in the PAX-it archiving structure along with your images and other project-related files; email them or export them to other locations
  • Generate web-ready image layouts or reports using PAX-it’s HTML reporting templates
  • Report templates may be saved as part of a stored routine that is run as a macro, or as part of a scripted, automated analysis routine
  • Reports may be locked for viewing in PAX-it, or may be locked for editing and authenticated using the PAX-it Extended Security module

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