Microscope Temperature Control and Heating Stage

Temperature Control, Thermal Stage Control Software

Control Linkam thermal stages directly from PAX-it software, with an easy-to-use interface for temperature control.   Set limits, heating and cooling rates and hold times, and time lapse intervals for image capture.   View the captured images as a time-lapse movie to see your samples progress over the course of your study.

Heating stage data is displayed in the PAX-it interface, and is stamped on each captured image.  Each image that is archived in the searchable PAX-it database has the heating stage data inserted into PAX-it database  fields, making searching and data reporting easy!

Features Include:

  • PAXcam digital cameras provide a live view of the sample, and high resolution image capture
  • Easy-to-use interface shows the current temperature and pressure readout from the stage
  • 100 temperature ramps can be executed in one stored profile
  • Profiles also include the ability to set temperature limits, rates, hold times, vacuum pressure and capture intervals
  • Profiles may be stored and recalled to apply to a new sample, for repetitive analyses
  • Change the ramp settings during a run, to modify imaging intervals, heating or cooling rates, hold and restart processes, and more
  • Temperature data may be stored with each image’s database fields, or overlayed on the image
  • The power of PAX-it’s image database is behind the image capture process, including organization into project folders, annotations tools, image processing tools, and more
  • After a profile is run, captured images may be used to create a movie file for archiving, sharing with others, or production of a presentation

The PAX-it/PAXcam combination works with the Linkam heating stages and cooling stages. This combined package is unmatched in resolution, ease-of-use and powerful features. Contact us today to see how this is the perfect solution for you.

[PAX-it] is the best system out in the Metallurgy and Materials Science world I ever used. I had to use another system made overseas when I was at my old company and never liked it. ...All diehard metallurgists like PAX-it!

- Fortune 500 Customer

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