Critical Dimension Metrology with PAX-it’s CD Module

Optical Critical Dimension Metrology WizardThe PAX-it CD Module for optical critical dimension metrology adds additional functionality to the PAX-it Enhanced Measurement / Image Analysis Module. The PAX-it CD Module Wizard easily walks you through the steps to create saved CD measurement tests, displaying the optical profile and settings.  The Graph Settings window shows various optical profile options, including the option to save custom edge types (i.e. pitch) for application-specific measurement capability.


Critical Dimension MeasurementAnalyze multiple critical dimension measurements, deployed automatically with a single click.  The Wizard view shows the option for “Number of Samples” – which determines the total number of measurements in any defined Region of Interest.  This improves workflow, and automatically provides the operator or process engineer with the statistical data shown in the PAX-it Measurement Totals Window.  Generate custom reports instantly using the Word® or Excel® report templates within PAX-it.

The PAX-it Critical Dimension Metrology Module adds the following functionality to PAX-it’s Enhanced Measurement / Image Analysis Module:


  • Fast and repeatable measurement tool, available stand-alone or as an upgrade to any optical microscope
  • Set critical dimension measurements to inside edges, outside edges, or pitch measurements
  • Select a desired % threshold target
  • Optical Profile display may be configured by the user, allowing easy viewing of edges and thresholds
  • Once a Critical Dimension Measurement Test is defined, it may be saved for repeated use on additional images
  • Measure horizontal, vertical, and curved critical dimensions with reliability and repeatability
  • Multiple-pass measurements allow for multiple automatic measurements within a single field of view
  • View your measurement data on screen, or generate a customizable full report in MS Word®, MS Excel®
  • Fully automated focus – capture – archive – measure – and report sequence can be obtained with the optional Motorized Stage Module and Scripting
  • Critical Dimension Metrology of SEM images.  The PAXit! Scripting Module allows batch imports of unlimited numbers of SEM images to be automatically CD measured upon import to PAX-it!
  • Ideal for process control in photolithography and related applications in Semiconductor, MEMS, Microfluidics, LED, LCD, Flat Panel Display, Photovoltaic / Solar, and similar technologies

Optical Critical Dimension Metrology


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