PAXcam Pathology Grossing Station

Pathology Grossing StationThe PAXcam HD Grossing Station is designed to meet the specialized needs of the anatomic pathology grossing lab.   The PAXcam Gross camera provides a stunning HD 1080p video view in real time, and the powerful 30x zoom range accommodates a full table view down to small fields of view within a tissue cassette.   The zoom levels and other camera functions are controlled by footswitch for hands-free operation, using the ample presets provided.  There is no need to touch the camera for any zooming, exposure, or focus controls.

Digital image capture of your surgical pathology specimens can be to external applications and/or to our PAX-it image management system.   Video streams of live action may also be captured, and even streamed in real time for easy remote consultations on your network or over the internet!   The flexibility of the system for image capture and working with live video allows for a host of pathology lab needs to be met with one easy-to-use system.

Marking up captured gross images is through simple touch controls, for measurements, sequential tagging of samples, and highlighting areas with circles, boxes, and text.   Let us show you how easily these steps can be accomplished!

Features Include:

  • In hood or over benchtop mounting
  • Autofocus/AutoExposure
  • Footpedal control — one-tap field of view & camera settings
  • Auto-stamp with case information & scale bar
  • EASY touch annotation & markup
  • Quick measurements on image
  • CONNECT Live Streaming for remote views
  • All PAX-it tools for image management, annotation, processing, and sharing

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