Aerospace Imaging

The Aerospace industry has unique and exacting requirements for Materials Science imaging, whether for R&D, Quality Control for production, or Failure Analysis.  PAX-it software modules provide the necessary tools  for critical measurements and image analysis routines, whether images come from high-res PAXcam cameras, SEM, or other sources.

Aerospace Microscope Solutions

Images from a metallograph, macrostand, stereozoom microscope, or other optical front-end, can be used in PAX-it software. Whichever aerospace microscope solution you use, PAX-it tools will extend your lab’s capabilities with image archiving and sorting functions, annotation toolsimage processing tools, and a full suite of measurement and analysis tools with detailed reporting capabilities. Through the PAX-it scripting and motorized microscopy controls, automated imaging routines may be set up for repetitive analytical sequences.  If your goal is documentation, measurement, archiving, and sharing results with others, PAX-it has the tools for you to make it happen easily and affordably.

Let us show you how PAX-it and PAXcam can aid your lab’s imaging workflow with extensive easy-to-use tools for gathering, sharing, measuring, analyzing and reporting with images.

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