Video Inspection Systems & Metrology Software

PAXcam on Education Microscope

Some applications include:

PAX-it’s Live Measurement Module turns any PAXcam Digital Microscope Camera into a powerful video inspection 

system.  Dimensional measurements, including linear, angle, area, circles, ellipses, arcs, and more, are quickly and repeatedly collected, stored, and reported.  PAX-it Live Measurement is the easiest and most comprehensive non-destructive visual inspection package on the market.


Live-Measure-Screen-Grab-smSimply draw the desired measurements on the live preview image, or use PAX-it to create measurement templates to overlay on the live preview.  Immediate results are obtained as the operator draws or adjusts the measurement tools on the live image as needed. All of the measurement data can be then saved with a captured image, or sent to a spreadsheet report.  By using PAX-it’s measurement tolerance feature, the software alerts the user if the part being measured falls within, or outside of, user-defined specifications.


PAXcam &  PAX-it / Live Measurement Advantages:

  • Measurements can be placed and edited on a live camera preview screen, making image capture optional. Less time is spent saving images, and results are tabulated immediately.
  • Measurement templates can be created by the user, saved and recalled for later use.  Stored templates may be used as an overlay on the live PAXcam preview screen for a quick go/no go tool.
  • Tolerance specs may be used, with measurement results immediately showing whether they are within tolerance specifications

Live Measurements include:

  • Point-to-point linear measurements
  • Segmented lines
  • Angle measurements
  • Arc/Ellipse/Circle measurements including definition of center point, chord lengths, sweep angles, radii and more
  • Areas of rectangles, ellipses, and irregular shapes drawn on the live image
  • Parallel line calipers
  • Micron bars
  • & more

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