CHICAGO – March 1, 2017 at 11:00AM CST —  PAX-it Microscopic Imaging Software and Digital Camera products will be displayed (booth 244) at the US & Canadian Academy of Pathology Annual Meeting.  This year the conference is being held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center (San Antonio, TX, March 4 to 10).

“We will be demonstrating some breakthrough technology this year as we introduce our new product line.  MIS’ newest product is uniquely created for the perfect user experience in gross imaging for pathology laboratories,” says Tom Vuke, Vice President.  “The all-new PAXcamHD features precisely the features our clients want:  designed with hands-free, easy operation in mind – an essential requirement for grossing specimens.”   The PAXcamHD system uses a proprietary footswitch-controlled motorized zoom lens system, including auto-focus & auto-exposure functions, still images can be captured hands-free directly from a stunning live HD preview directly to any desired user destination—on the server, to PowerPoint, to the PAX-it collection of images, and more.   Presets can be user-defined for the PAXcamHD, thus adding to the flexibility of the automated system.   As many as 30 presets can be quickly setup, such as: specify zoom level, camera conditions, placement of scale bars and various overlays on images, along with other aspects of how images are to be handled when captured.

“The PAXcamHD camera for capturing gross images is just one part of the PAX-it solution,” Mr. Vuke continues. “PAX-it software is used by thousands of organizations worldwide and is very robust.  Touch-screen friendly markup tools & measurement/analysis tools are included, as well as the powerful PAX-it software for organizing and sharing images in a lab.”  Gross images from the PAXcamHD are easily combined with microscopic images if desired, in a shared, networkable common collection.   Both gross and micro PAXcam solutions will be featured at the USCAP 2017 Annual Meeting, as well as the PAXcam CONNECT live-streaming telepathology solution.   Solutions for any size lab and lab budget are offered and are expandable to PAX-it’s additional supporting modules of software, including image analysis, motorized microscopy, scripting, and custom programming.

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