A significant new version of the popular PAX-it! imaging system has been released by Midwest Information Systems, Inc (MIS), marking the 50th release of a new version of the Windows-based imaging software.   New features are highlighted by a revised user interface for easier navigation and control of software functions.
The new user interface shows itself in three major areas of the software:
  • The original PAX-it toolbars have been replaced by the popular ‘ribbon’ style interface, with grouped controls, larger buttons, and more descriptive text.
  • The traditional cabinet/folder layout for browsing an image collection is replaced with a flexible ‘tree view’ style of browsing, supporting nested folders.
  • The PAXcam interface has migrated to a new interface with collapsible panels of organized controls, a departure from the original tabbed view.
“These changes to the display of PAX-it controls continues our fundamental philosophy of making the user experience intuitive and easy,” says Tom Vuke, VP of Corporate Sales.  “While our older style interface served us well for our first 25 years, it is time for an updated look and feel that is not only fresh, but more flexible and functional, taking advantage of new programming toolsets.”    Nikhil Naik, Director of Product Development, adds, “The initial impression may be that all has changed, but users will quickly learn that the same easy-to-use and familiar PAX-it functionality is in place.   In fact, options exist to continue using the old style interface, for those labs who enjoy the classic controls.”
Additional functionality comes with the new browsing interface, as project folders containing images may be nested within other folders to create a deeply layered organization of images. This, coupled with drag-and-drop reorganization, and sorting of folder levels, surely extends the capability of how an image collection is organized by an end user.
The PAXcam camera line is also affected by the new version, in two major regards.   First, all PAXcam USB2 camera users may now benefit from the Panel interface structure, which reorganizes PAXcam controls.  “The logical grouping of controls is extremely user-friendly,” states Chris Jahns, Executive VP of Sales.  “The user may only expose the particular controls needed for day-to-day functions, hiding other options for an uncluttered control panel.”  The ability to open and close the control groupings, and to easily access their settings, is a plus for PAXcam users.   Second, the PAXcam lineup is expanding to include the first USB3 camera models designed for routine microscopy applications.  The USB3 interface affords much faster throughput for live views, along with a more compact camera body for a more efficient work environment.
As with any standard PAX-it! software release of new features, PAX-it! version 8.0 includes other changes that improve user workflow or enhance the functionality of the software.  However the major new release coming in version 8.0 is sure to gain attention as a huge step forward. towards an even more user-friendly work environment for labs performing imaging functions.

See the new features list for PAX-it version 8.0

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